One of the works of art designed by Sara – Architecture and Interiors is this bathroom interior in the style of vintage bathroom in Zurich. The application of the classy accent and fine materials makes bathroom looks classy. The thing that differentiates this vintage bathroom and the modern bathroom is the interior arrangement. The color applied in this bathroom is the neutral color like the modern bathroom color theme. The bathroom furniture is also in sleek design just like the contemporary furniture.

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The white bathroom wall gives the sense of this bright bathroom interior. White marble is used as the interior wall. It looks great with the white bathroom dressers designed in vintage style. Golden vignette is painted in the dresser’s lines. Large wall mirrors are set together with this bathroom dresser. The basin faucet is in modern style that looks sleek. Oval bath tub with black outer part is the focal point of these interior elements. Tall cabinet made of mirror materials is placed besides the bathroom dresser. White flooring makes the bathroom looks clean.

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Modern lightings are set on the white bathroom ceiling giving the main lightings in this bathroom area. The bathroom decorations are the traditional items such as Chinese porcelain vases. The unique thing is there a vintage chair in white color placed behind the bathroom dresser. The white curtain in elegant style in tufted design is attached on the large glass bathroom windows. The exotic cushions in gold and black colors are placed on this vintage white chair.

The toilet is in minimalist room. However it is designed in the stylish interior design. White and golden colors are applied as this toilet entry way. Modern crystal lighting is placed on this toilet ceiling. Bright bathroom interior can also be applied in the classic or vintage bathroom design.