The Center of Town renovation project brought by Walter Jacob Architects results the wonderful design of an urban house. The house exterior has the absolute vernacular vintage style. Black is the color choice for the exterior theme color. The exterior wall of this house is in black painted bricks. This makes the house looks outstanding and dramatic. This house has outdoor stair to reach the second floor from outside. Vintage windows in white frames give the perfect contrast to this black exterior wall.

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The entry way of this house is in classic style. The main door is from wooden materials in black color. This urban house style has the strong house character by employing the vernacular style. The other door is painted in brown, and white yet the door shape is the same. Modern lighting is placed besides the house.

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After being renovated, this house has the brighter and refreshing look. The exterior wall is changed into the lighter color, light grey. The house shape remains in the previous house building shape. The vernacular look of the house is maintained. The light grey exterior paint is great to give the brighter accent of this vintage house. The white windows also blend with this color accent. Small garden is set surrounding house. This garden has green growing plants. The trimmed trees makes this house exterior has decorative items. The exterior flooring is in red that is perfect giving the hot color accent to the neutral color.

The house fence is structured from the well-arranged wood. House balcony looks pretty in the second floor. The small balcony looks cozy and great in white balustrade. The green natural vine is also applied as the exterior decoration.  Vintage urban house can be the stylish house as soon as it is perfectly maintained, just like this residence.