White color design actually becomes one of color designs that have a neutral impression which it will be able to create a bright impression of house building such that had been applied perfectly in design and style of contemporary villa. This villa design had been applied perfectly in a project of Sleek White Contemporary Villa in Madrid Redefines Luxury. Luxurious and bright color design become focuses of decoist ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN to design this villa.

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Concrete house building architecture had been applied to design this villa. It will look brighter and more modern by applying a concept of villa that had been colored fully by using bright and modern color design. White color design had been chosen perfectly to decorate building in this villa project in order to look more special in its appearance. White building color will look so suitable to be combined with design of house yard that had been made in a modern style which it becomes a part of contemporary villa architecture.

Modern design of house yard had been created by combining between natural and elegant decoration of grass decoration with natural and fresh green color design that had been combined with modern architecture decoration style of large concrete block to design villa yard in this project. In addition, stone statue that is placed in a house yard will create an artistic decoration of villa yard design.

On the other hand, design and decoration of house interior in this project had been made in a bright, clean, comfortable and modern style by applying white color design fully as a theme of a villa interior. Actually it will look more elegant to be combined with style of house window that had been made perfectly by using glass material of window design. White, modern and bright interior furniture is also applied perfectly to get villa interior design such style of modern Nordic architecture that looks so modern by applying white color decoration.