Living in an urban area, people usually choose to have a classic two stories house that blends with the neighborhood. Having a large lot will make you able to build a big house for your big family. Here, people will feel cozy because of the quiet neighborhood. The house can also look pretty with a small garden in front of the house and an empty backyard that is perfect to hold your children’s birthday party of having a barbeque party with the family.

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Walter Jacob Architects that were taking the inspiration of a codfish presented the idea of this two stories house to you. The classic two stories house exterior uses a wood wall that is shaped like a cod’s scales on the second storey part while the first storey has striped motives. The cod house made to be a large cozy house has two buildings that can be connected with a bridge on the second floor or completely separated. The first building is the main building and the other is two garages with two wooden doors on each side.

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The main building has a small terrace in the front that leads you to the entrance of the house and on the back part of the house there is a room that has one storey only, makes it outward then can be functionalized as a kitchen and also an access to the backyard. Preparing for the cold weather, this house has a chimney that is placed in inside the main building that is made from bricks material. The house uses wood floorings that are furnished perfectly that also leave the classic image of the house.

The backyard of this house has some levels of wood floors. The best choice of color for this house is a soft color, for example soft orange or light green for the outside wall and plain white wall for the inside. Use dark colored roof like dark grey. For the chimney, leave the tidy unpainted bricks to give another accent to the house. To make it have a more classical feeling, use white frame for the windows. Aside from the pictures given, you can also using pale blue for this classic two stories house colors that represent the calming water.