This lake house is designed in the rusty style exterior by Damian Farrell Design Group. 3 Lakes Lodge is a project completed to provide the comfortable and relaxing family retreat. The house building consists of three lodges in front of the lake. Beautiful scenery can be viewed from inside the house. Rusty color is applied in this house exterior. This house has long balcony built on with wooden deck and wooden balustrade.

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This wooden lake house has natural theme interior. Wooden materials and rustic texture are employed in this house interior. The living room has dark brown modern sofas that look comfortable. It is suitable with wooden pillars and door of the entry way. Brick interior wall gives the rustic texture in this living room interior. Mounted wooden shelf is placed on the brick wall with animal sculptures on it.

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The house corridor has wooden flooring. Log pillars are employed in this corridor setting. Wooden ceiling looks glowing with modern sconce radiating yellow soft color. The porch looks beautiful with large glass windows displaying the beauty of the lake. Traditional chairs surround the circular wooden table in the middle of the room. The house exterior is arranged as neat beautiful as its interior. Spacious green yard is applied in almost all sides of the home exterior. The garden is arranged along the pathway made from concrete stone.

The other room with modern wooden chairs set together with dark brown sofas looks bright and airy with large glass windows. The stone wall makes this room has strong natural accent. The other side of the wall is made from the logs. The wooden staircase is designed in simple design with wooden balustrade as well. Large lake house can be designed like the luxurious family retreat even with lodge style, just like this lodge residence.