The beauty of the classic interior can be clearly seen from this Venice Palazzo designed by Sara – Architecture and Interiors. Located in the middle of the romantic city of Venice, this residence looks perfect as the traditional interior inspiration. The interior fits well with the condition of the city that always gives the beauty and charm. In the middle of the modern lifestyle, this classic style brings the splendor of the classical era and makes whoever experience it enchanted. One of the classical senses can be felt from this Venice home.

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This classic interior furniture is in classic style. The wall mirror applied in the room is the mirror with golden frames in classical vignette. Traditional chairs made from polished wood are applied in the interior with polished wooden flooring. The traditional carpet strengthens the classical theme of this room. The wooden sculpture is set as the interior decoration in the similar theme with wooden flooring and furniture. Traditional table with storage in it is placed beside the fancy wall mirror.

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The living room is furnished with vintage white sofas accompanied by a pair of traditional wooden chairs. Sleek table with glass surface gives the modern touch of this living room. Classical interior decoration such as paintings framed in golden vignette make this room looks traditional. The circular wooden table is placed in the corner of the room together with classic table lamp on it. This table has the decorative function giving the traditional accent.

The home corridor is decorated with the traditional cabinets in rustic textured wood. Traditional small carpets are placed along the wooden floor of the corridor. Large painting in golden frames beautifies the white interior wall. Just like the other room, this dining room is furnished with wooden chairs, table, and cabinet in traditional style. Classic interior concept is the timeless interior design and can be employed again adjusted with the practical modern lifestyle.