Looking at the N85 residence that is located in India’s capital city, New Delhi, we will find excellent residence design. The residence is designed by Morphogenesis of house three generations. This building reflects the combinations of glass panels, water, reflection, and lighting system.

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Related to the building of this residence, here are some pictures following. The building of this excellent residence design and decoration of N85 residence is built in three distinctive levels. The room consists of private domain room for the bedroom and breakfast room, kitchen and dining area, family and public room. The building also features the circular skylight in ceiling in lining style, having large window and glass facades. In front of this residence, we will find long open up swimming pool with tiles deck. The inside room design, there is mini garden at the center with open space ceiling. The mini garden includes wooden board and stone pebbles combined with wooden bench and also some plans that make the nuance more natural.

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The living room is designed near the central mini garden. The construction of the room is hard wood floor and wood beams ceiling. Soft sofas are applied on dark thick board facing black short table with red and white ashtray. There is some glass panels applied inside the room near the staircases. The glass panels are also designed for the grip of the stairs. In other case, glass panels are applied for the windows that allow us to enjoy the scenery outside. Going outside to the balcony, we will find that the balcony is designed in opened area featuring dark wooden floor and surrounding by green plants. The balcony is decorated with dark and light brown sofas in square style. There is also a wooden table at the center. From that lace we can enjoy the relaxed nuance in fresh and natural shades.

If we are attracted to get this kind of residence, we can use it as one of ideas chosen. The excellent residence design and decoration concept that is stylized in more natural views can increase the comfort and pleasured nuance when being in the excellent building.