Style and concept of pavilion will be able to look more perfect in its appearance by applying concept and design of wooden pavilion plans that had been created by decoist ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN. This pavilion concept had been done perfectly to design and decorate a small house living in a project of Wim Goes Lake House, wooden pavilion in Ghent, Belgium. Natural and comfortable design of house living become special focuses in this project.

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Design of pavilion building that had been built perfectly on a water of lake actually will be able to create a unique concept of small pavilion building. Wooden material that had been used to decorate the pavilion had been chosen perfectly by using natural wooden material which it will decorate house living in this project to be more interested in its appearance as pavilion building that applies outdoor pavilion design maximally.

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Semi open design of building had been applied in this project to create a special design of small pavilion. Fresh and comfortable impression of pavilion building actually can be gotten by using this concept. In addition, natural and green environment surrounding a house will be able to help to create a concept of pavilion that is so fresh and natural. Actually it will become an additional value of a house exterior design in this project.

Design of terrace in this pavilion is also made in an open style which it will be able to create a fresh and natural appearance of terrace design. In addition, transparent design of wooden material construction that had been used to design wall in this house actually will be able to create a special style of terrace wall in this project. Long design of terrace in front of a house can also be functioned perfectly as a comfortable place to relax. Actually all of them become outdoor pavilion plans that are so interested to be applied.