Wooden material application is as one of important and interested design of a house living that can be applied perfectly to create a design of house that looks so traditional in its appearance by applying traditional residence such that had been applied perfectly in a project of T Residence by Kidosaki Studio – elegance and traditional symbolism. This house architecture style and concept had been created perfectly by decoist ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN.

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In this project, design and style of house building will be able to look more interested and exotic by applying combination between wooden and concrete material design that had been decorated modernly and elegantly in their application. Exotic wooden material construction had been applied fully to decorate second floor while white concrete design had been applied to design building in a first floor so it will create traditional house style that looks so modern in its application.

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In addition, exotic appearance of house living in this project had been created by applying natural stone decoration that had been applied perfectly to decorate house exterior in this project. It is applied perfectly to decorate wall construction that had been functioned as a yard fence which it will look more exotic in its appearance to be combined with style of house yard that had been decorated by using natural paving block decoration.

Traditional and artistic style of canopy in this project had been made perfectly by applying wooden material construction which it will be able to make style of house living to look more interested in its appearance. Large wooden canopy design becomes special characteristic in this project which it will make a concept of house exterior to look more traditional in its style. Actually it is as a part of residential architectural styles that will be able to decorate house living perfectly.