Shaw Design Associates, P.A incorporate the natural theme and the contemporary style in this Prairie style contemporary 3 design concept. This project has the unique combination between the rustic exterior theme and the bright interior design. The interior has the most updated design and style. Meanwhile, the exterior design applies natural elements in rustic texture. This incorporation brings the luxurious accent of this modern residence. The home design is both refreshing and stylish.

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The kitchen is one of the rooms in this house having the updated design concept. Minimalist style is applied in this kitchen design. The interior of the kitchen looks warm with the wooden color. Wooden flooring looks great with this kitchen furniture. Mounted wooden kitchen cabinets in sleek and simple design give the practical storage. The stainless kitchen appliances give the color accent showing the modern look and color. The kitchen island has the unique curved design. It is made from wooden materials with marble surface.

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The living room has the amazing views of the beautiful nature. Large glass windows are installed along the house wall. Light curtains in ivory color are attached in these classic windows. The living room furniture is in modern design. The cozy modern sofa in neutral color is set together with cozy modern chairs. Traditional wooden fireplace is placed among the glass windows. Large wall mirror frames in bright frame is on the wall above the fireplace.

The minimalist kitchen has the pantry furnished with modern wooden chairs in contemporary design. They surround the circular wooden table connected to the wooden interior pillar. The house exterior is designed in natural theme. Natural stone is used as the exterior wall. Swimming pool in sleek design is built besides the home. Residence design concept can be stunning with the combination between two different themes, such as the natural theme and the contemporary one.