The combination between the contemporary design and classical style looks enchanting in this modern home. Prairie style contemporary 1 is the project brought by Shaw Design Associates, P.A. This home located in the middle of the beautiful nature has the outstanding exterior look. Traditional accent is well applied in this modern residence. The sleek lines and the house shape use contemporary concept while the artistic features of this house uses the classic accent. Earth color is applied in this house exterior color theme.

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This modern home design connects with the environment surrounding. The trees and plants make this house looks cozy. Concrete pathway is built in the entry way to this house. Small garden is set in front of the house making this house looks more beautiful. This house is built on the sliding slope so it looks like the hill residence. This adds the uniqueness of this house building.

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The home interior looks warm with the classical theme. Living room has a set of vintage sofa and chairs in neutral color. Adding the contemporary look, curved table with glass surface is placed in the middle of the modern seating. Classical style fireplace is in one side of the room giving the warm impression of this neutral colored living room. Classic painting is on the wall giving the interior decoration with classical feel. Musical instrument is also the interior decoration giving the classy impression and luxurious accent.

Traditional furniture is also applied in the dining room, Classic chairs from dark wood are placed surrounding the oval wooden dining table. Neutral colored carpet is placed on the wooden flooring. The kitchen looks elegant with the wooden kitchen furniture in sleek design. Modern home style can be combined with the classical interior design together with vintage or classic furniture, just like this Prairie styled residence.