The application of earth elements in this modern home looks enchanting. The Prairie style contemporary 2 is successfully designed by Shaw Design Associates, P.A with natural theme concept. The building materials of this house use the natural elements. The home exterior applies natural stone as the exterior wall structure. Although applying natural elements as the major building structure, this house design is in contemporary look. The exterior design applies sleek house shape with the clean lines. Concrete materials are also applied as the exterior wall construction.

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The earth elements color results the earth color that creates cozy ambience. The soft color of the natural stone and the other natural elements make the house looks comfortable and fresh. Large glass windows are installed along the house wall. It gives the open impression of this natural themed house. Located in the sliding landscape, this house looks blending well with the nature surrounding. Green environment strengthen natural theme employed by this house. Green trees and plants give the additional natural color to the natural elements used by this house.

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The house interior is in classical style. The staircase is in classic staircase design with white carpet on the steps and wooden balustrade. The dining room looks elegant with classic wooden furniture. Traditional chairs and large wooden table looks perfect with traditional carpe under them. Modern chandeliers are over this furniture radiating soft yellow lighting. Wooden pillars strengthen the classical theme in this dining room area.

Contemporary style is presented by the living room. Design under the tall ceiling, this living room with neutral color modern sofa looks great as the focal point. The entry way path is built by the natural stone and the outside pillars as well. Earth elements for design always give the refreshing ambience even for the contemporary living space.