Do you want to see the nice house style with green yard performance? Here is the appearance of the home with nice performance. The nice performance is not only coming from the outside house but also from inside the house. This home is designed by Demesne Design and Drafting. The name for this project is Lake Elmo. It is unusual project, because it is created in nice performance both indoor and outdoor home. Well, what are you waiting for? See them now to get much inspiration.

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See the pictures here. The grey roof appears nicely above the grey wall. Some windows adhere on the wall. The impressive performance comes from house style with green yard landscaping ideas around the house. It is extremely beautiful. To enjoy this beautiful view, there is a deck in that house. The deck is designed with wooden railing. The wooden material will be used for the most for this home. See inside the house then. The kitchen for first, it is designed in open room concept. The wooden materials are applied in many furniture designs.

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Move to the family room. There are grey sofas with table in the middle. The soft white chair stands nicely next to classy fireplace. Some accessories are putted on the furniture to increase the performance, like the flower and miniature. The furniture designs here are standing above the white carpet. Let’s go to the other room. This is a cozy bedroom performance. The flower pattern bedcover appears nicely in that room. Moreover, there is soft white feather carpet as the flooring. It is so beautiful.

The next is the bathroom performance. The bathtub is placed in the corner of the bathroom below the big window. So, the people can enjoy bathing with see the outside view. The storage and mirror are completing the room standing next to the bathtub. After all, these are the pictures of house style with green yard landscaping ideas design and the nice furniture designs.