Looking at this interior beauty, you would be inspired by the jazzy modern interior emphasizing on the sleek and clean look. Walter Jacob Architects designed this Swampscott beauty to present the contemporary splendor. The bathroom interior design is in sleek look. This interior is furnished with sleek furniture emphasizing on the simplicity and practicality. The bathroom dressers are made from wooden materials with large wall mirror in light wooden frames. The basin is on the dresser placed together with fresh natural decoration. White orchid is placed besides the wall mirror.

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The bathroom interior wall has blue accent giving the calming sense of this bathroom area. The interior beauty concept employed in this bathroom is combining the neutral color and soft color tone. Tall wooden cabinets are on one of the sides of the bathroom walls. This cabinet is used to keep the towels and the other bathing clothes. White bathroom interior looks great with blue tile wall as the accent.

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The living room is designed in ultramodern style, just like the other rooms. Modern grey sofa looks stylish with red throw pillows on it. Red and white woolen rug makes this room looks more excellent. Large glass windows in white wooden frames create the airy and open impression in this living room. A musical instrument is placed in the corner of the room adding the classy accent in this living room interior. The contemporary wall art looks great with the contemporary lightings arrangement.

The contemporary porch looks elegant and classy with the ultramodern interior arrangement. Glass windows make this airy porch looks bright. A set of modern sofa and chairs in stylish design is the focal point of this porch. Sleek acrylic table in transparent style fits well with this contemporary furniture. Chic interior beauty is always well presented by the ultramodern interior applying soft color tone and practical design.