When it is doubtful to see the luxurious style in a farm house, this Contemporary Michigan Farmhouse can be reference to see the possibility. Designed by Damian Farrel Design Group, this modern farmhouse looks like the perfect retreat or a vacation home. The spacious area where this large farmhouse is built offering the perfect place to connect this modern farmhouse with the nature surrounding, Applying bright color and contemporary concept, this farmhouse has different style of the other common farmhouse.

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This modern farm house design is in contemporary look. Grey color is the main color theme of this farmhouse exterior. Dark grey is applied as the exterior wall and house roof as well. White lines give the color accent in this bold color. White accent is presented by the modern glass windows frames. The house yard is filled with green plants and it is organized as the house garden. Natural ground flooring makes connects this house with the environment.

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Bright and soft colors are applied for this farmhouse interior. The kitchen has white and blue as the color theme. White is applied on the kitchen furniture white blue is applied on the backsplash wall. The terrace provides the relaxing place for togetherness time. It has the modern outdoor furniture in sleek design. Wooden chairs and wooden table are perfect for having meals outside together with family. The children room is in modern style, too. White interior wall makes this children room looks spacious. The room is located in the attic and is a crafted area.

Soft colored sofa with black comfortable dark arm chair furnishes the living room. Small oval table from wood is placed among this furniture. This living room is in the same area with the minimalist kitchen and the pantry. Updated farm house can be the inspiration for the contemporary farmhouse design especially in deluxe style.