If we look at the duplex apartment interior located at St. John’s Wood Road in London, we will see a majestic apartment interior design. This duplex apartment is actually designed in the third floor of fourth floor in this apartment building. They combine the apartment design with many beautiful properties included. What kind of apartment design is it?

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Here are some majestic pictures featuring the apartment interior design of duplex. This duplex apartment interior design is designed in contemporary home style and using great furniture for the family room, bedroom, and bath room. Actually, every apartment in this place whole consists of 6 full-sized bedrooms, dressing rooms, 4 attached bathroom, 2 shower stalls, a receptionist room, a dining area, study room, and also gym. They also get ground parking and property dealer in 24 hour and a terrace. To get those all facilities, people should spend GBP 10,950,000 that is suit enough with the satisfactory.

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In relation with the interior design, this apartment put luxurious furniture. In living area, they design U shaped brown sofas with pink, grey, and brown pillows combined with glass and craving gold iron table. The receptionist table is designed in curving duplex counter with glass countertop combined with brown sofas with glass backrests. To make the room more majestic, they also add some decorations such as several flowers, glass vases and statue, big whole wall painting of man riding and fairytale. They also design the ceiling in chic style by adding nice lights lining. In bedroom, we will find amazing comfortable bed with brown furry bed cover and blanket facing television set and outdoor greenery. The ceiling is designed in brown hexagon pattern.

Whole interior design in this apartment can give all pleasured for everybody staying. Here are still some pictures. This duplex apartment interior design and decoration has majestic looks and great inspiring home ideas.