The pictures here can be reference for minimalist house plans. Although it is simple home, but it doesn’t mean that house is not comfortable. Even, you will feel comfort stay in this house. So, you need to see the pictures here first before having bad mindset about simple house. This is a house with fancy performance. The example of the simple house is taken in the Sam Paul Remodel project which is designed by Demesne Design and Drafting. Let’s see them.

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Here are the pictures which we are talking above. This house stands the narrow plot. That’s why it is best reference for the people who want to build minimalist house plans narrow lot. See the grey wall of that house. The grey wall is designed with white wall. In the other house picture, there is white wall in the whole front house. There are glasses windows adhere on the wall with the black shutter windows. It is symmetric house with the grey door in the middle of the home. There is a stair with black guardrail in front of the door.

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Then, there is the room remodeling in that home. It is juts the window, wall and black oak flooring, no furniture designs are putted. See the room which is already designed in fancy performance. That is family room. The black sofas with two tones are standing with some pillows. In front of the sofa is the brown carpet. The people usually watch television in that place. In the other side is the square mirror with the iron table.

The kitchen as the last picture, let’s see then. The glossy storage and oven stand in that kitchen. They are standing above the checkerboard flooring. The window is adhering on the brown wall. The storage and the oven are some examples of the kitchen tools which can be applied to your narrow lot modern house plans with lovely performance.