Being in a plateau mansion building, will guide us to get the most pleasured and relaxed ambiance for living space. Yeah, it is because from the place, we can enjoy the sceneries under surrounding. Here, the plateau mansion is located in the west of the Hiroshima prefecture, in Otake. From the mansion designed by Suppose Design Office, we can enjoy mountain of the Kamei Park of the Kamei Castle and the Seto Inland Sea. How picturesque!

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Here are some related pictures about the plateau mansion. The construction of this plateau mansion building design is applying the combinations of stones piles, concrete, wood, and glass. The building is structured in two different parts, in which one of them is for bearing structures and free zone style to make a place. This big mansion includes usual functional rooms as living area, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, and apertures terrace in free space. The main building, they apply box style included two storey building in black and glass facades. The building is two-storey style with some opened place of the second floor and glass facades in narrow line. They make also the free building in sideways. If we look at the porch of the building, there are rid porch in land and concrete walkways.  But, the scenery surroundings are very picturesque.

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If we look at the room inside decoration, they make wide area for each room. The white nuance is decorated in black leather sofa and glass table. The design is minimalist. We will also look the dining table that is designed in glass table with wood frames surrounding by dark chairs near the lining glass window. From that place, at night and day we can enjoy wonderful views from the opened space and through glass facades. The lighting cities under becomes wonderful enough. In the free zone, the ceiling is designed in short white flooring and ceiling. They make some seats applied with long table and if we look at the barrier, they use stainless steel barrier and glass facades as decorating partition.

Whenever, if we are interesting to try this kind of picturesque mansion design, here can be one choice. The plateau mansion building design and scenes with picturesque landscape of sea and mountain views really bring positive and wonderful ambiance.