As parents, we should pay attention to what kind nursery furniture design we carry out for our kid. The furniture can influence their activities and joy daily. Here, we provide some collection of nursery furniture that is playful and enjoyable for kids. The furniture is various; precisely, they make the furniture besides for activating they can play and learn with that. Besides paying attention with the furniture, it is better also to get the room in pop of hues to attract the kids.

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Here are some pictures following. The first collection of nursery furniture design collection is here in the white floor and light red wall nuance; they apply a work desk as one with the table for child. The table is white melamine in short height balancing to the child. From the work desk, we can take care of the child and do our job. Some children like to free play on the floor. We can use some rug in safe style and attractive decoration. As here, the rug is thick rug and combined with some white shelves piles with pink background, wheels crib, brown and white cupboard, and also drawers counter. The furniture is better in white room nuance.

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When we prefer to get more colorful style of the room, we can choose light contrast color in one room. The example is white bed couch with yellow bed cover and pillows are applied for green headboard wall and white nuance. The white shelves are better enough to put some cactuses at the corner. Although it is contrast, the ambiance is very chic. Well matched bed in this case is got from the combination furniture of blue bed and pillows are balanced applied with blue and white furniture included rack, baby crib, and also drawer counter to place sleeping table. The room background of this furniture is better in white floor to top ceiling. It is also applied for the contrasting in which they paint the wall in blue; they will put some blue and white furniture on the white cases. They also put number in white and blue ornaments on the blue wall.

In this case, color is always related to the furniture and decoration for children as they like colorful style for every moment. The result of nursery furniture design collection and style can be obtained by using balanced or contrast color and nuance in designing and applying the furniture at children rooms.