Damian Farrel Design Group creates the pool area in relaxing design. This Pool House project is designed with the updated concept emphasizing on the style and luxury. This area is the result of the house addition project. The contemporary house is added with the stylish area of the swimming pool. It is because the swimming pool is not only for swimming activity, but it is also for the relaxing space. The design of the added area is adjusted with the design of the main home building.

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Located besides the main house building and in the middle of spacious green yard, this fresh pool area presents the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Doing swimming or sunbathing can be comforting in this area. The swimming pool is in rectangular shape with neutral colored flooring wound it. The small pools with natural stone border are located by this main swimming pool. The swimming pool design is in open and breezy style.

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The walk way of this area is made from natural stone that looks beautiful in the middle of the green grass. The entry way has the charming stone wall giving the natural accent and color to this contemporary space. Natural green vine is planted on the stone wall beautifying the outdoor wall. Black fence in traditional design is the gate of this entry way that fits well with the stone exterior wall.

Stylish cabanas are built around the swimming pool. White sheets and curtains are applied in these cabanas. Outdoor benches in white cushions are in the cabanas. They are located right beside the main house having glass wall. It makes these cabanas can be viewed from inside of the house. The pool terrace is also furnished with outdoor furniture providing additional places to relax. Jazzy pool area can be ideas for those who would like to the home addition to provide more relaxing space.