This kitchen/sunroom remodel-addition is a successful remodel project brought by Shaw Design Associates, P.A. The remodel concept is maintaining the vernacular look of the original home building. The kitchen is in the traditional kitchen style. Meanwhile, the sunroom looks fancy with its classical design. Seen from outside, the sunroom looks bright with large glass windows on it. The red brick wall makes the traditional personality of this home stronger. The house balcony in the second room right in front of the sunroom has the wooden balustrade in rustic texture.

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Classic kitchen is the concept of the remodel project design of this kitchen remodel. Glass windows give the airy impression of this minimalist kitchen so it brightens the space. White kitchen furniture is applied as the furniture color. This is suitable with white kitchen wall. White small tile wall is also used as the backsplash wall. The classic cabinets employ modern design for its surface. White surface looks great with the sleek stoves and decorations.

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The kitchen appliance such as refrigerator is also in white. White is also the color of the mounted kitchen cabinets. After being remodeled, the kitchen looks classier with the marble surface applied on the kitchen cabinets and kitchen counter. Modern sconces are over the kitchen island. It gives the glowing additional lighting. Wooden kitchen flooring adds the warmth in this kitchen area.

The staircase is designed in the spiral staircase structured from wooden materials. Glass windows are applied in every side of the room so they give the bright, airy, and open impression in this classic interior. The sunroom is furnished with vintage rolled arm chairs. Stone fireplace is placed in this room giving the cozy and comfortable accent in this traditional room. Result of remodel project can be the great interior design applying vintage style in original look.