Application of wooden material actually will be able to be modified stylistically and uniquely by using style and concept of stylish wooden design such that had been applied perfectly in a project of antique and futuristic house living of Ljubno ob Savinji – Slovenian Renovations with a Twist. Related to this design, style and concept of house living will look more artistic and special such that had been done by decoist ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN to be applied in this project.

Unique Stylish Wooden Design Creating Futuristic Wooden Building,Stylish wooden design, contemporary antique design, antiques and modern design

Wooden material that had been applied artistically actually will be able to be applied perfectly in this project. Natural color design of wooden material that had been combined with design of house construction that is colored by using gray color design actually will be able to create futuristic style of house living that had been decorated uniquely by using wooden material. It is as one of concepts of contemporary antique design that had been applied in this project.

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Design and style of main entrance in this project had been made in a unique, futuristic and stylish design by applying wooden door decoration. It will be able to make style of a house in this project to look more special in its appearance. In addition, elegant design of outdoor pool in a house yard is also decorated perfectly by using wooden material construction which it will decorate and design house exterior to look more stylish and stunning.

In addition, style of wall that had been decorated by using wooden material construction had been made in a special appearance. The wooden material construction had been made in a special decoration style so it will look so unique for a design of wooden wall. Sunlight sparkling will come perfectly to a house interior by applying this wooden wall design. Actually it also will create antiques and modern design of a house living concept.