Glass material is as one of materials that can be used perfectly to decorate or design house living in order to look more elegant, stylish, luxurious, and stunning in its appearance such design and style of glass architecture that had been applied perfectly in a project of futuristic building of Division Knoll House in California almost unreal. This house design had been made perfectly in its appearance by decoist ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN.

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Concept of house living in this project had been supported by wonderful landscape surrounding a house that will be able to create a beautiful impression of house exterior appearance. Because of wonderful and beautiful scenery surrounding a house, glass material design had been applied maximally in this project. It is aimed in order that beautiful view surrounding a house can be enjoyed maximally by using glass architecture design.

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Futuristic style of building actually will become a perfect appearance of a house building that had been decorated perfectly by using glass material. Elegant color design of glass material used actually will create a special appearance of house living in this project. Design of bedroom space that is decorated fully by using glass material in its wall design actually will be able to create a wonderful design of bedroom that can be used comfortably for relaxing.

On the other hand, design of living room that also uses full glass decoration for its wall design actually will serve a beautiful view of a house exterior design that will come to the house interior perfectly. Sofa design that had been arranged towards to a beautiful beach view surrounding a house actually will be able to create a wonderful interior design arrangement. It is as a perfect application of glass architecture building design that can be used comfortably as a new innovation of house living.