Nowadays, many travelers want to spend their money on shopping and prefer a modern guesthouse to the more expensive hotel. The guesthouse can offer a nice hospitality and make the visitors feel at home with not so many people in the guesthouse and a large space to meet and talk with other visitors they didn’t know before. You can also find one with a swimming pool and relaxing daybeds on the poolside.

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Martin Gomez Arquitectos brought a fresh modern guesthouse design with clean white colored wall named the “Luz Blanca”. In the front you will find short wooden stairs that lead you to the glass door entrance. In the back is the swimming pool that has accesses to some bedrooms and to the dining room with wooden table and chairs. The poolside uses wood flooring that is easy to be cleaned and blend with grass-covered yard.

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Inside you will find a luxurious living room with leather chairs and small wooden table decorated with a vintage rug and a small painting that is hung on the chimney’s wall. You will also find another dining room in the back of the living room. This one also uses wooden table with twelve chairs. Beside it is the main kitchen with brown colored wood furniture and black wooden tops. The main kitchen also has an island with same color and two wooden stools. The minimalist kitchen design makes it easy to use.

The bedrooms of this guesthouse located in both floors with a simple design. Each using twin beds with two small wooden cupboards and table lamps. There is a small bathroom inside that is dominated by grey color wall. The difference between the first and second floor is that there is a wall less hallway with metal railings that make this modern guesthouse with pool look more modern.