Have you ever tried to imagine how it feels to live in a downhill house? To build your house will be difficult because of the slope. But a wooden bridge supports what if the house you will live in? It may seems scary, but if you can guarantee the safety, you will have an epic house with a great view of the green field with many trees that can relaxing your mind and let you feel the fresh air every time you step out of the house.

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Martin Gomez Arquitectos, with his project titled “Ride with Me” introduces to us amazing downhill house ideas. With a dangerous look house, Arquitectos build a very beautiful house on the downhill using a strong stonewalls. The front deck gives a wonderful view of the trees below and the blue ocean. While the inside part using concrete flooring and closed wall with some windows, the outside uses wooden flooring with simple railing and glass doors that allows the sunlight to enter the house freely.

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Facing the wide blue ocean, the house has a unique boat shape. But, this shape causes this house to have only a narrow hallway that makes us not free to move around the house. The front part that is used as the deck is lower than other part in the back because it doesn’t need to use concrete flooring that is placed above the wooden bridge. On the deck there are some chairs placed for sunbathing. The ventilation that let much sunlight going in to the hallway and rooms helps the lighting.

The most beautiful thing from this house is the window on the front part that let the sunlight and sky passing through them when you see it from outside of the house. If you want to own a house like this, you have to make sure that you are using the right downhill house material that is very important for the safety of your house and yourself.