Manor Pool Building for a Modern House

When you build a manor house, don’t hesitate to make a perfect house and adding major feature, for example a manor pool building that allows you to swim anytime you want without thinking about the weather. You can also relax in the living room while watching your flat screen TV. You can also have a great view while swimming from your own favorite manor garden that looks romantic at night with some garden lamps.

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Yiangou Architects LLP creates a perfect idea of manor pool building design. As you can see in the pictures that this Manor House Pool Building has a contemporary structure that looks so beautiful. A small pond that located besides the building is just amazing and can give you a really nice, relaxing feeling. The swimming pool design itself is very simple with a long room and bright colored tiles flooring. But, at noon you can see how the daylight passing through the glass wall and wooden railing doors to reflect your environment on the water.

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From the pool, there is a hallway that also uses wall glass to the living room that uses a same type of flooring. In the living room, you can relax yourself in two white couches and an integrated TV on a white cupboard that is used to store the towels. However, you can’t sit there after you’re swimming because it will wet the non-waterproof couches, so maybe you can also think to use other materials.

This building uses orange lighting that looks very nice at night. Thick white concrete walls cover other parts that don’t use glass wall. This building just use patterned vases as the decoration. From the front, you can see this wooden manor pool building is separated from the main building that uses brick but has same shape, so the two buildings look match each other.