Used to go up and down, simple stairs is a small part that can determine the image of your home. Make sure that the gap between each level is not too high or too low so that you can move easily without using much power. It can be spiral-shaped stairs or normal straight stairs. There are also some materials that can be used too. Nowadays, you can even see stairs that directly leads to the second storey of your home from the outside.

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Here, Martin Gomez Arquitectos shows us the results of his work on modern simple stairs. For the indoor stairs, Arquitectos choose to make narrow stairs, while there are a few examples of wide outdoor stairs. The materials used are designed to blend well with the materials used for the wall. You can see how the wooden stairs look like a narrow hallway in a wooden house make the stairs look classic. There is also another example showing the use of concrete material as the stairs with no railing and shaped like planks that coming out from the wall.

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A spiral shape can be created from metal material or from cement that used only a small space of the house. There are also some pictures that show us examples of the simple railings from metal and wood. The wider outside stairs are used to lead directly to your backyard’s swimming pool from the second storey. You can also use narrow stairs to go directly to your bedroom from the front side of your home. But, don’t forget to think about the security.

The stairs are left plain to make it look modern. Or you can also use the wood patterned stairs to give some colors. Another house use granite flooring stairs that already has its own motive to make the house looks elegant and luxurious. Stairs is another work that needs to be thought carefully. You have much choice of materials and shapes for your simple stairs design depends on your home.