Sometimes you get tired of your old manor house that always stays with the same arrangement or furniture after years but you don’t want to sell it. If you feel so, then it’s time for you to do a manor house refurbishment. Replace some furniture or add some new decorations inside the house. You can’t change the entire building, but with some refurbishment ideas, you can make the house looks new and refreshing the image.

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Another great ideas come from Yiangou Architects LLP that can helps you renewing old manor house using classic style for the two stories home. The use of mirror wall in the small bathroom makes it looks bigger, combined with a wooden wall on the same side and a medium mirror with wooden frame on the other side. The concrete wall is beautifying with the use of wood patterned wallpaper that fits with the wooden sliding door. The great classical touch created by using a small bathtub in a white bathroom with white windows to let the natural light comes in.

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In the living room, there are two oversized couches facing each other that allows you to sit relax while watching the flat TV or reading your favorite book that is arranged well in a white shelf that is planted on the wall. The bedroom looks classic with a king size bed and two small couches beside a wooden table that can be used to put your make up. The lighting is using a small unique shaped skylight and also two table lamps. You can also train your body in the gym or by swimming in the outdoor swimming pool located just outside the gym.

To prevent the house from looking too plain, decorate the bathroom with potted plants. For example a vase of flower that is put nears the window or a small cactus that is placed in the smaller bathroom. You can also use a vintage rug for the living room and hang an abstract painting that has similar color with the room. Two similar paintings can also be used in the bedroom as your old manor house decorations that will also give some motives for the room.