A house located far away from the beach for you who like the relaxing atmosphere don’t prevent you to have a beach house. The wide grass covered area can be changed to your dream house that makes you feel like you’re in the beach. The large wooden house with your private pool will also look amazing at night with some outdoor lighting using small lamps that are placed around the house.

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The well-known architect, Martin Gomez Arquitectos, can give you some perfect beach house ideas. One of the houses, the Beach House CALMM, shown in the pictures is using wood materials for the wall and also flooring for the outside part of the house while inside, he chose to use parquet flooring. The front side of the house is simply designed with two trees located near the entrance, between the stone pavements that lead you to the house. There are four stone pillars on every corner of the house.

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While he left the front side to look so simple, the backside of the house is just gorgeous. There is a small swimming pool with a wooden flooring poolside. The unique shaped pool also accompanied by some white chairs that can be used to sunbathe. Near the pool, there is a space, still with wood floorings with two white sofas facing each other and a small wooden table. It also has a fireplace that is placed in one of the stone pillars. On the other side, located a nice dining table for ten persons.

This house is using wooden ceiling and is brighten by hanging lamps. The kitchen is built in a large space with a complete utensil and designed nicely by using a granite backsplash. There is also a small island in the center with stainless steel top. Most part of the house is using white colored furniture that blends well with the wood. There are also some other dining tables on the other part of the house, making this beach house located near the forest is perfect to hold a big private party with friends.