Having a house in an elevated position is a chance to show off your well-designed country house that will capture by the eye of people passing through. The simple yet elegant exterior will hide the true beauty that lay inside the house. The closed house will also attract people to come and see what’s inside this mysterious looking house that stands in an outstanding position in the country.


The best country home interior is chosen to make it the most luxurious country house ever made by Yiangou Architects LLP that also shows vintage decorations. A round wooden dining table is located in the classic designed kitchen. Grey cabinets and wooden tops have been selected and placed on bright colored tiles flooring along with a stainless steel stove. The interior of the house uses white colored cement walls combined with white-framed windows.

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A touch of blue colored set of sofa placed in living room, decorated with a chandelier above it. The golden curtains also leave another luxurious image of the room. There is also a piano near the big window that will let you feel the fresh air when you play it. You can also see the use of other chandeliers in some room, including the granite-walled bathroom. For other interior decorations, there is a mirror with golden frame above a small table in the hallway. Another memorable decoration from the hallway is the statue of a woman that is popular as Victorian era decoration.

Outside there is a larger dining table that located on the private medium poolside, on a wooden floor. Another thing from the poolside is row of trees. When you see it from the front side of the house what you can see is only a brick walled house with clear windows and a beautiful bushes around it. This style of country house exterior will make you have a big surprise once you step in.