Nowadays, many people prefer a minimalist kitchen that look modern and simple, especially for those who are working and don’t have much time to be in the kitchen. However, a kitchen is an important part of the house that will attract people’s attention. Whether it’s a small kitchen or a big one, you have to think well about the kitchen’s design for your house.

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Martin Gomez Arquitectos gives us many examples of a modern minimalist kitchen. He offers many styles but still with a few or no use of decoration. For a big kitchen, you can see that white is preferable color that can give the simple and clean image of a kitchen. The large kitchen uses all white furniture until the dining table and chairs. The great detail is to add a splash of red and green by placing small potted plants in the backsplash and three glasses of flowers that is put on the dining table.

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Another idea of a large kitchen is by using white cabinets with granite top on the island and stainless steel tops for the kitchen’s stations as well as the backsplash. To add some color, the kitchen uses parquet flooring that is also reflected on the stainless steel part. You can also use wooden cabinets that are combined with granite backsplash and tops. The kitchens that are designed to be in the same space with the dining table is beautify with some hanging lamps above the table that have unique shape.

If you don’t have a large space for kitchen and is a type who needs to eat fast, consider using your island as the replacement of your dining table. Put some wooden stools for your island. You can use granite for the island’s top, which will give you some motives on the wooden island. Use wooden cabinets with the same granite top for the minimalist kitchen for small house and place a wooden plank that can be used to beautify your kitchen with some nice wine bottles.